Sunday, February 24, 2013


"They took us to a Ugandan church service, and we're in this shuttle van type thing. I can hear the music down the street and I just began to feel the Spirit of God and something was happening in me. I hadn't felt that change that everyone else on the trip had, it was just me, just tattooed and cynical. We're riding in this van and we get there and its a place made out of mud, and there is 2,000 Ugandans just...Just the presence of God there was the was there and I just began to sob and im standing there. And this was just a few months ago, so I'm trying to hold myself together and I just began to sob. I said, "God, why can't I experience this? Why can't we as Americans experience this? Why can't when I get on a stage and play music, why doesn't it work this way? What's the problem?" and I felt God say to me, "Aaron, these people are worshiping me for one reason. They lift their hands and they worship Jesus because HE IS! No more and no less! Just because He exists." 
It says in Hosea 6:6, "More than our sacrifice, and more than our 'I'm sorry' and more than our 'I promise', God wants to know us. He wants to be in communion with us." I guess for me, I want my life to be an outpouring of that. 
-Aaron Gillespie, I Am Living. 

Those words are the cry of my heart. I want to know God! I want my life to be an outpouring of God! Nothing More & Nothing Less!

This video has quickly become something that I find myself watching almost weekly ever since I first saw it this past summer.  Every time I watch it, the Holy Spirit stirs up something new, something refreshing, something convicting inside my soul. Tonight as I sat down and watched it, I was met by the Spirit's presence saying "I want your life to be an outpouring of Jesus!!" I immediately thought to myself, absolutely God, I want your will to be my way! That's the desire of my heart so let it happen! But then I began to think, 'Why was I being confronted about this? What do I usually desire? Basically just, Why?' 
I believe that in America today we sometimes have to get something from God before we are willing/wanting to worship Him. Think about it, if you have an awful day you are probably less inclined to worship than if you were just given a blessed and joyful day....That's the culture that America has established for us. Now what's wrong with this picture? I think it's exactly what Aaron pointed out in this video. A majority of the time we don't worship God purely because HE IS, instead we worship the blessings and gifts He has graciously given us. I want to break free of this 'gift and blessing mentality' in worship and have a heart that worships daily, just simply because He exists. Simply because HE IS!   
I desire for my life to be a outpouring of Jesus. I desire to love on every single person that I come into contact with. I desire for God to be a contagious freedom that is dripping out of my pores! 

I don't desire for this walk with Jesus to be for my own personal gain. 
I simply want to worship Jesus because HE IS!
I don't want material possessions, peoples impressions, or routine obsessions to cloud my view from worshiping the God that deserves honor and praise, simply because HE EXISTS. 

So, ask yourself right now: "Currently, where is my heart in worship? Do I worship God simply because HE IS, or is there something more attached to that?" 
Together, lets break off anything extra that we have attached to God, and simply worship Him because HE IS! 

Be blessed. 

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