Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Life Lately.....

It has been a HOT MINUTE since I last posted on this shindig and as you can see, I have become "hip" on the new lingo. Well besides that, I am basically going to just give you a brief update on everything that has happened since mid June. Here we go.

At the end of June, I was blessed with the opportunity to speak for a week, to a group of about 50 high school kiddos at Sonlight Christian Camp. (Insert shameless sonlight plug here). All of you who know me, know how much of an impact Sonlight Camp has had on my life and my walk with Christ. God truly did more than I ever could have asked for, imagined, or prayed for. Now-a-days, kids aren't exposed to true community on a regular basis. Kids today aren't exposed to what love is (Jesus), they don't life in safe community, and they sure as heck don't get poured into like they do at camp. So many times we heard kids say, "I don't want to go back to the real world" or something along those lines, and to be honest all we could think was "That is not the real world". Camp is the real world. Camp is a place were kids get to leave their masks at the door, and a place for them to come in and honestly deal with the crap that is going on in their lives. They NEVER get to show that side of their lives outside camp, for fear of being labeled weird or whatever it is now, when in all reality every single one of us is in that place of brokenness and in need of Godly counsel. I got to have talks with kids about walking out their faith practically when they left camp, to listening in on small group discussion, to praying with graduated seniors who I have watched grow up since they were freshman in high school. All of it, completely blew me away. God answers prayers. Since the beginning of February, when I was asked to speak, my prayer for the week was Ephesians 3:20-21 which says, "Now to Him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine according to His power that is at work within us, to Him be the glory in the church and in Christ Jesus throughout all generations for ever and ever! Amen." God faithfully answered that prayer, by working in the hearts and lives of kids at camp in more  ways than I ever could have imagined. Basically, camp rocked my world and brought a refreshing taste of what God calls us to as believers.

Since then, I have got to spend some time with my family, whether it was fly-fishing in Northern New Mexico or simply sitting down with them for a meal while they were in ABQ. How grateful I am for their provision and love.

Another huge blessing that I found about recently was the opportunity of being brought onto Younglife student staff. Since February, I've felt the Lord leading me to this place, and throughout all the times of doubt, frustration, and prayer, God proved Himself faithful once again! You might be asking yourself what this means? Let me explain. Basically, I now will lead the other leaders at the Eldorado High School Club. The coolest thing about this though, is that God set the example of what it means to lead! It doesn't mean that I delegate everything to everyone else, and just sit back and relax. In fact, it's exactly the opposite of that. I'm called to serve my fellow leaders and to make sure they are getting encouraged and such, as weird as it might sound, I am absolutely stoked and blessed to serve my brothers and sisters in Christ. Along with this i will still get to spend time pouring into my high school dudes and getting to disciple some of them along the way. Along with the new position comes new responsibilities financially as well. I am currently in the process of fundraising my salary, so I would humbly ask you to pray about supporting me in this and partnering with me in the Gospel, to help spread the good news of Christ to kids at Eldorado High School. If the Lord leads, and you do want to help, please email me at and we'll work out something. Either way, I would ask you to partner with me in praying for Eldorado High School this year, and for guidance in my new walk of leadership/servant hood! So....YA, you could say I'm absolutely stoked about the whole deal. If you or anyone else is interested in possibly leading along side us at Eldorado Younglife, you can also email me at the email above!

So yeah, that's my life in a nutshell the past month or so.
I encourage each of you to continue walking in true love! Love that flows from the Holy Spirit, and that is comprised of grace and truth. You might be the only glimpse of Jesus that someone gets today, so don't pass up that opportunity.

Be blessed. Stay strong through trials. Live with Joy!

Your brother in Christ,


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